2020 LAN preliminary discussion


Ok first of the year has arrived and I hope that everyone had a good Christmas and holiday season. As I said after the LAN, if people are really interested in talking about securing the manor house again or a similar place for the next LAN, then we should discuss it earlier this year. I will lay out the costs associated with it so everyone is aware of what the costs were so that it can be properly discussed and talked about with plenty of time to decide.

I am available for such a meeting/discussion next Sunday the 12th, or 2 weeks after on the 26th of this month if enough people want to look into making it happen again.



Since nobody seems to have a preference or is choosing, lets just set it up for the 26th and that gives anyone who is interested or concerned plenty of time as well. 6pm PST



Heya. Missed this post…sorry Bigdrunk.

So Guinness let me know that we are doing a LAN Party Discussion on Feb 9th at 6pm. I hope everyone can make it.



I work most Sundays but we’ll see.



For those that missed the meeting can you write a summary of some ideas that were discussed about the 2020 Lan Party?



Next meeting will be on Saturday March 21 at 6pm PST

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