34" Ultrawide and PUBG


I have been thinking about getting an Ultrawide monitor for my PC. I had multiple 24 and 27 inch monitors in the past. I do some multitasking and do some work with huge spreadsheets and 2 or 3 different windows open at once.

I play PUBG for the most part. The minimap is static and will be way off in the corner. That might be an issue. Looking way over there. and it not being in my peripheral vision as well. In Counter Strike I can move and change the minimap so it is not as big of an issue.

What I am looking for is why I should not get the monitor.

I have a GTX980 and I get 90 to 150 fps in PUBG and 300 fps in CSGO

I know that I want the 1440 instead of the 1080 so that things are square and that curved is better so that the far corners do not seem further away.

Also I believe that the best response is 5 milliseconds so that could be better.

Feedback and ideas?




This is the actual monitor that i am currently using and it is awesome, I went through 3 different monitors and this one is the best so far. Me personally though I rather have a 144hz monitor vs a 4k monitor, My monitor is 2560x1080 and it couldnt look better. the response is 4ms. I as well do a lot of work on my computer as well so no issues there either.



Depends how far you sit from the monitor. I do what appears to be similar work to you, at least in terms of spreadsheets and often have multiple spreadsheets, contract documents, sharepoint, and financial software running and the widescreen is fine for that. I have 2 monitors, one widescreen and one standard 1080P I did not go with the curved as I have personally not found them to be any better but sounds like thats simply a personal choice.

I mostly(only?) play PubG these days and the widescreen was the best thing ever. I can see so much more area than I could. I went with a 29" and I sit maybe 2.5-3" from the monitor and its perfect size. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01B67KAQ4/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1