Ace28 - Recruitment


Your in-game name
PUBG = Ace28_
Your Steam ID
Name of your AHP sponsor
AHP uses Steam Friends, what is your Steam Name (Please provide a link to your Steam ID Page)
Ace28_ (
How long you have been playing CS or games?
I have been playing games on console for a while and a little PC, pubg is my first PC game that I have gotten more involved with
Do you have a favorite gun or map?
Where do you live? (State/Country) - (Not required)
How old you are? (you must be 18 to become a member)
When and what times you usually play and how often?
most nights and some afternoons during the weekend
What other games do you play?
Call of Duty (different versions), a little Fornite
Having a mic is essential to becoming a member of AHP. Do you have a microphone? If not, when do you plan on getting one?
Have you been a member of any other clan and if so what clan?
I’m in a couple different discord groups called angels of death, and soggy bacon
Have you ever played in a Competitive League? If so which one and with what team?
Have you read the Rules 2 page?

I like to be outdoors, motorcycles, dirt bikes, boating, camping, etc.
I have some cows and a couple horses.
I enjoy trying most things at least a couple times to get a feel for whats out there. haven’t been skydiving yet but it looks fun. I enjoy spending time with my kids, I am happily divorced
My PC is a AMD ryzen 7 (4th gen) with a GeForce GTX1070 graphics card and 16 gigs of ram, I use HyperX cloud 2 headset for sound and mic, Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse, though I have been playing with the Razor Mechanical keyboards a little to see if I want to make the switch
I listen and enjoy most types of music, Rock, Pop, Country, etc
I am in the Construction industry
I appreciate your consideration for allowing me to join AHP, I am an AHP Friend currently on TS. I play with Trainwreck, NgoodRavens, Sinami, Wild1, wooddawg, and a few others

Thanks for taking a minute to read my short bio




Right on man. Once everything goes through bigmike and or sinami will get you all setup



Welcome Ace!

wth the post must be at least 20 characters long? IDK if I like this forum so much. Well…I dont like change but welcome again Ace!



Sinami got you all setup in ts and steam. Stay cool make some friends, Get to know people and youll become a member in no time.



Thanks, I appreciate you welcoming me in



Awesome, sounds good. Thanks again to everyone for the opportunity.