CS:GO mouse lag


Every time I have tried to play CS:GO, the mouse feels super sluggish. Is there a way to fix this? I’ve tried raw input, no mouse acceleration, and disabling vsync (with all graphics options set to low). Still, it feels like my aim takes at least 100ms to catch up to any looking around I do, and that’s 100% unacceptable for a FPS game.

If it’s not possible to make it feel snappy, I’ll just go uninstall it again. I have tried many times to get used to GO, but every single time it comes back to mouse lag.


EDIT: Base system specifications below.

AMD FX-8120
2x Radeon 7970 GHz (CrossFire)



Are you able to try another mouse? Just to troubleshoot more…?



I don’t have a problem in CS: Source, nor on the desktop. It’s only GO where I feel like the rendering is always a few frames behind.

I sincerely doubt that it’s a mouse issue, but I do have other mice.



Just to hit all the bases.
The other things I’d try is to verify the integrity of the game cache and maybe even do a reinstall.
But I’m sure you thought of all those things.

If you accidentally changed some weird setting in console, is it possible to “factory reset”? I know my CS:GO settings seem to travel from device to device, if I recall correctly. Actually, that’s another thing you could try is your account on another device.

It’s super weird that it’s just CS:GO. Hope you figure it out soon!