Erb - Looking to become a member


Your in-game name
CSGO = Erb / PUBG = TheErb

Your Steam ID

Name of your AHP sponsor

AHP uses Steam Friends, what is your Steam Name (Please provide a link to your Steam ID Page)

How long you have been playing CS or games?
I have been playing CS since it came out. I have been playing video games forever. Legend of the Red Dragon on BBS before internet. Atari 2600.

Do you have a favorite gun or map?
CSGO - AK & Insertion / PUBG combo - SKS & M4

Where do you live? (State/Country) - (Not required)
Tacoma WA

How old you are? (you must be 18 to become a member)

When and what times you usually play and how often?
Friday through Monday / I travel for work. I play often. Mainly PUBG currently.

What other games do you play?
CSGO / PUBG – very little Fortnight with my son.

Having a mic is essential to becoming a member of AHP. Do you have a microphone? If not, when do you plan on getting one?
Yes I have a Mic.

Have you been a member of any other clan and if so what clan?
HoF – Source GunGame – I was an admin on their servers.

Have you ever played in a Competitive League? If so which one and with what team?

Have you read the Rules1 page?

A little about me:

I am into Hammock Backpacking & I am on the Hammock Camping Forums.

I use to paintball heavily – got to the point where it was getting serious was even practice for Naughty Dogs a few times. I didn’t want it to consume my life with sponsors and travel so I gave it all up. I spent obscene amounts of money on paintball up to that point.

I like community and playing with people that I am familiar with. I never play with random people in PUBG. I feel like the community aspect of CS suffered with the introduction of CSGO.

I am married and have step kids. They are mine now…

PC Build: I7-5820K, ASUS X99-E WS, 32 GB Crucial Ballistix Sport 32GB PC4-19200, ASUS STRIX-GT980-DC2OC-4GD5, Samsung 850 EVO 1TB, Corsair Vengeance C70 Arctic White Case, Corsair H110 Hydro CPU Cooler, Corsair AX860 80+ Platinum Full-Modular PSU. No optical drives… Yet. Getting 145 fps when not in the fight in PUBG. – I am not looking at that little number when things get hot.

I like most music. Pearl Jam radio and Flogging Molly radio on IHeartRadio are my usual choices.

I have had a diverse work history: Every job involved in Tshirt screen printing starting with the little tag gun and folding shirts with illegals at age 14, Dish Washer, Line Cook, Shipping & Receiving, Parts to Service for Major Harley Davidson Dealer in Ormond – Daytona Beach FL, Mortgage Loan System Administrator, Inventory Management Specialist, Database Administrator, Accounts Payable Control Specialist, Accounting Special Pay & Hand Pay Admin for AP & Payroll, US Army Reserves 15U Chinook Mechanic & Crew Chief – never deployed or anything like that – Inactive Reservist currently, Ricoh street level copier sales, and now Regional Sales Manager for Brother International.

I joined the old forums back on Feb 22 2009 and was a .R back then. There was a suspension of all .Rs at the time and I never revisited the subject. I just got back from living in the woods without internet for a year in July. And I didn’t play for a year or two when I was in Florida after my divorce back in 2007-2008 ish. I am sure that there are a few people on here that remember me. I am a “Friend of AHP” on TeamSpeak. I game with HetField often.

I look forward to seeing you all in game!

~ Erb



Add some of us on Steam and we will happily play some with ya, most of us are in PubG now as well. If you have old members from before reach out to them to get you set up on TS



Hey man,
Good to see you interested in our community. You can try to join our Teamspeak server, and just talk to some people. Here is our TS server address . look forward to talking and playing with you. If you get in TS, just let someone know you are looking to be a recruit.



Pretty sure he has been playing PUBG with several people. Ill set him up when I see him and get him in the recruit group on steam.



I wasn’t able to send him an invite to the steam recruit group.



Thanks for all of the support guys. I am a .S on TeamSpeak now. And several members have reached out to play PUBG. Unfortunately I had the flu and I played terribly all week… See you all in game!

~ Erb

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Feel Better bud. We’ll see ya when you’re back.