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August 29th 2018, by Sam

Today we are excited to bring you an update on Mavericks: The Forge, our early version of Mavericks that enables us to put the community at the heart of how we develop our 1000-player last-man-standing game mode.

Launching The Forge enables Automaton to work closely with our community to build the best possible Mavericks experience. The open and rapid development of The Forge is key to delivering on the unprecedented scale and sheer number of mechanics we are introducing to the game.

The Forge will have two different types of updates: Rapid Updates will be every single week, testing new gameplay features in rigorous detail; Core Updates will occur every 1-2 months and will introduce new metagame systems, art and cosmetics.

So when will we start inviting the community to play Mavericks: The Forge? Well, today we can confirm that our Founders will have access starting 20th September. Founders will have exclusive access for 4 weeks, after which it will open to more players.

As the first players to enter The Forge, Founders will be first to discover how we are reshaping the core battle royale experience. The concept of 1000-player battle royale matches has ignited an incredible amount of anticipation and excitement from gamers, and we are committed to making that experience live up to expectations.

We have spent a long time testing Mavericks to understand what makes for a fun, engaging experience. Our battle royale mode needs to challenge and motivate players from beginning to end, and we wanted to ditch the mid-game lull that isn’t rewarding for anyone.

That’s how we decided to implement our new drop-in system. As players will discover in Mavericks: The Forge, an initial group of players deploys into the last-man-standing game, after which waves of other players will drop into the match at various stages throughout the rest of the game. There will be an eventual cut-off in the closing minutes of the match, players will gain different currency rewards based on when they joined the match and how long they survived. Players who join later will have the option to buy weapons with the currency they gain from playing the game.

Not only will this keep matches exciting and unpredictable, but it makes getting into matches quicker and easier. We can’t wait for you to try it out when you join Mavericks: The Forge in the coming weeks.

Initial Release: v0.0.1 (20th September)

Our Initial release will be testing the core loops of the game, as well as core aspects of the map design, shooting and the drop-in system.

Our First Rapid Update: v0.0.2 (27th September)

Initial tracking system and in-game objectives (starting with a single objective type). Some games will have objectives, others won’t. We’ll collect data from all games to see the impact of each of these features.

Our First Core Update: v0.1.0 (October / November)

After a number of rapid updates introducing new gameplay mechanics, we will have our first core update. This will include an early version of The Capital (our social hub), which will replace The Forge menu, along with item storage and the Founders cosmetics.


Q: How long will the Founders-only phase of The Forge last?

Founders will have a minimum of 4 weeks exclusive access to The Forge. After which we will begin opening it to the public, starting with E3 sign-ups.

Q: Can you describe the new drop in mechanics in more detail?

An initial group of player will drop into the map, then through the course of the rest of the match more players can join and drop into the game in progress. At set point additional players will be blocked from joining. Players who enter later will have reduced ability earn rewards as they are scaled based on how long they survive but they will have the option to take weapons and equipment with them to even the odds against players who are already tooled up. We’ll be balancing these mechanics based on analytics & player feedback gathered throughout the Forge period and we will be talking more in details about this very soon.

Q: Can I play standard Battle Royale rules?

Further game modes will be released in a future update to The Forge.

Q: Can I play Duo / Squads?

Duo’s and squad’s will come in a future update to The Forge.

Q: Will it be 1st person or 3rd person?

The Forge will be 1st person in game with 3rd person in the social hub. We will have TPP game modes in the full launch.

Q: How does my Citizenship work during the Forge?

Citizenship will not start until the full game economy is launched. We will announce when this will be in a future update.

Q: When will I get my Founders’ items?

Game updates will come in the forms of ‘Regular’, ‘Rapid’ and ‘Core’ updates, with regular being weekly iterations, and monthly being more substantial additions to the game. Founders items will be coming in the first Core Update.

Q: System Specs

Windows, DX11, with modern CPU and GPU (These specifications remain vague as we work on optimization throughout the Forge period). For full launch we are working on linux, mac and console along with lower end PC’s and laptops.

Q: Will my progress be saved after the Forge?

Your progress will be recognised in the full game, but not all of it will be directly carried over for specific items, levels and such.



This has my curiosity but a 1k man server is gonna be laggy, its going to be hard to get matches or at least long waits…


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When it is going to release?



The current release date is November 29th 2018

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