Mobile browser usage with the site


Noticed when I logged in with chrome on my android phone on this site and enabled chrome notifications it sorta acts as an instant messenger which is pretty nice. So without the browser open you will receive android notifications of messages and thread updates people respond to. Possibly others have already seen this, but thought I’d throw that out there if people haven’t done it yet. Also you can enable as a home button for chrome and will be the after hours pub icon on your apps screen.

Someone who has an iphone do they support something similar notification wise?

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(Please see Millertime’s Gen Z post)



Changed to 12. There is lots of back and forth online about people complaining and giving different reasons about topic size. The most compelling reason is Google search results. If you have a bunch of people stating help!, cs, css, eso, or short topic names it is hard for search engines to properly index what type of data is on the forums. It is also harder to identify if a user is a bot performing spam.



Hey Devilman! Couldn’t we remove ourselves from Google search results? I see no reason to make the conversation section of this thing public. We don’t need to be searchable, but we definitely need to block the bots.
Maybe just have the main website (where the forums used to be) and point that website to here.



You don’t give a reason why? I assume we want new members and if someone posts some interesting knowledge I don’t see why people shouldn’t be able to search Google to find that knowledge. There is already a member section if you’d like to keep things private between members.

Also I don’t see any bots here.



I guess I just don’t feel the need to have all of these conversations public to the internet. We can still make ourselves searchable while keeping a semblance of privacy.



Sounds like a false sense of privacy. Assume everything you do on the internet is public.



I mean, sure…but there’s at least some layers that can be added…



Open to ideas. Hiding by robot.txt isn’t really doing much as there are lots of site crawlers out there. Can also chat about it if you are joining the lan.



Unfortunately, I may never make the lan again, unless the weekend gets moved to June/July at some point. I’m rarely in country before mid June and usually gone by early August.
Miss y’all though!

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