Need Gaming Laptop


What is the best gaming laptop out there? Looking for the following…

  1. Upgrade ability
  2. Docking station options
  3. 17" screen
  4. it’s a gaming laptop first so lots of power to run games, obviously


Personally, if I had the cash I would buy this. These are some of the most compact out there and great quality.



I am not sure how their prices have held up but seems to only sell customizable and upgradable platforms. You will also find their units with various popular configurations on amazon shipping from xoticpc. I had considered this until I realized that i have never upgraded anything. By the time I wanted to upgrade a component like my graphics card i just replaced the whole pc. I am a big fan of remanufactured laptops. I had the first gaming laptop from the dell outlet and I have one of those huge ASUS laptops that I purchased remanufactured on amazon. The bench testing on electronic equipment is becoming very lax and if you get a reman unit they go through the whole thing before they deem it acceptable. Just my 2 cents. I have several factory remanufactured components in the custom built workstation that I use today. If the equipment is factory remanufactured and not done by a shady 3rd party then it is a good way to save some cash and have something that is actually bench tested thoroughly.

~ Erb



$2000!! I have students looking for gaming laptops for Uni next year. Most probably don’t want to spend more than $1000 though.



Here @skeeve

These are running 1060s and an SSD



Thanks, Sinami. I passed the link along to my students :slight_smile:



I personally would recommend the alienware now. There amplifiers are the best in the market right now, I just purchased the amplifier and got a 1060 external video card and now the unit is a beast, i have the ability to play oculus vr on the laptop. My point to this is the upgrade feature of being able to hook up a external graphics card is pretty sweet, this amplifier directly connects into the hard ware as well and is the fastest in the market vs the amplifiers that run off of the usb c style connections. Mine has 2 nvme slots for m.2 ssds and a slot for a 2.5" hard drive as well. so this thing will hold 3 hard drives in total. upgradable to 32 gigs of ram.
Mine is already 2 years old and i am still able to play pretty much game on it.

Note: i would not have said this 5 years ago lol, There new alienwares have gotten way better over the years.