Nobody comes here


Just saying that this new version has totally killed the forums. Bad freaking move. I personally check it every single day. Never anything new to read or say.
At least in the last forums there was something there almost daily.
This totally killed it.
Bad move.

Bet you i can say the same thing a month from now… cus it will still be dead.
Bad move.



I like it because I get notifications about all the posts. I just don’t have much to add or say these days. The old forums I would forget to check for months, and then end up responding to and reviving a bunch of old threads. Anyway, that’s me personally. Can’t speak for how others use it.

I like this one better, but I agree that it seems less active.

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I like it better too. The old one was dead too though. I just dont think we have people as active these days is all.



As an example
In the old one
The lan thread would have had at least 3x the responses this one has.
I don’t actually mind this one just doesn’t seem to get as much traffic.

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While I agree with Unborn that we inconvenienced the existing regulars, I think Skeeve is also right that this new forum has better features.

  1. I can use it on mobile without zooming. It’s comfortable.
  2. Digests. I don’t have to come to the forum to get updates on the topics I care about.
  3. When I am here, I don’t smell the archaic stench of “Edited by Knife-O-Matic on…”, the thousands upon thousands of posts of my own retarded commentary, and a plethora of stupid animated GIFs and signatures.

I liked the old forms, too, but I think this is the grown up version of an internet forum. It’s not perfect, but it works. (And I think it’s better.)

If we do get around to importing the old forum archive, we can once again bask in my (our?) past idiocy together.



Before the forums I captured some stats of visitors and posts on old and new. There has been a decline over time from users not joining like previously, but from what I can tell it is mostly from ahp activity. Although based on users views from the old site it has actually gone up, so I guess people are reading but not as many are posting. :slight_smile:

I see referral activity increases based on email summary timing, so a jumps happens when someone posts and the summary email is sent out to people, so that may be increasing the view count of current users.

Not sure importing is going to happen. I looked into it a while ago and I did like 55% of converting db tables to the new format, but I got to a point where the differences in schemas got painful and realized do we really want 1500 people that are going to clutter up the site and a bunch of random spam that would be injected that didn’t get removed.

Thinking it would be best to archive previous forums as read-only for a while and build the content for this forums would be best, but we can chat about it during the lan party.



How did that chat go?