Old Graphics Cards?


Hey Folks,

The HDMI on my graphics card (as well as all the HDMI on my receiver) seem to have been fried. Power where I live is unreliable and I feel this caused the issue, but I have no real way to tell. The weird thing is the receiver still works, just not the HDMI ports. Also, the graphics card still works, just not the HDMI port. DVI and VGA still work fine.
Before you ask, YES, I have tested three different HDMI cables, ALL of which work with other devices.
So, I have two questions:

  1. Does anyone want a NVIDIA Geforce GTX 460 for VGA or DVI?
  2. Does anyone want to gift/sell me an old card that has a working HDMI port? I’ll pay for shipping to PDX!


I have a … I think a 650TI Boost. You pay shipping and its yours if no one else offers better. I was able to play most games with it. Per Toms, its basically a 750TI

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Oh, my wifes old card did the same. HDMI outputs started to fail.



I had no idea this was a thing! Even researching it didn’t bring back clear results. Also, it’s strange that the HDMI ports on my receiver also died…I still blame funky power.

That sounds awesome! Can you measure it for me? It’s going in a smaller box and I want to make sure it fits. I’m also happy to kick in some extra cash since it’s such an upgrade. :smile:



9.5" x 3.75" approximately. If you want it I can ship flat rate USPS, just cover the cost



Sounds like a steal. Thanks, Sinami!