Recruitment form


Please use this form for new recruit membership. Please copy and paste this Questionnaire into your own thread. Provide answers to each of the questions.

  • Your in-game name

  • Your Steam ID

  • Name of your AHP sponsor

  • AHP uses Steam Friends, what is your Steam Name (Please provide a link to your Steam ID Page)

  • How long you have been playing CS or games?

  • Do you have a favorite gun or map?

  • Where do you live? (State/Country) - (Not required)

  • How old you are? (you must be 18 to become a member)

  • When and what times you usually play and how often?

  • What other games do you play?

  • Having a mic is essential to becoming a member of AHP. Do you have a microphone? If not, when do you plan on getting one?

  • Have you been a member of any other clan and if so what clan?

  • Have you ever played in a Competitive League? If so which one and with what team?

  • Have you read the Rules page?

Please also post a little about yourself. i.e. what are your hobbies, likes/dislikes, are you single, married, etc? What’s your PC setup, favorite music, or any other info you would like to include. We enjoy to know more about our members.


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New Recruitment Rules Effective March 24, 2017