RIP Metalman You will be missed!



that sucks sorry to hear, going to miss his robot voice in ts. dam so young to. prayers for his family.



He was one of the best in our clan. Always loved playing with him, great guy and a great gamer.



RIP Metalman…You were one of the first AHP members that welcomed me into the team and were extremely fun to talk to and play CSS with. You will be missed.



I am so saddened by this news. So many hours playing with him in CSS. I always liked him and enjoyed having him as part of our community. I pray this his family is comforted during this time.

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Loved gaming with him. He was always upbeat and had fun, win or lose (though usually he was kicking butt). Gonna miss him a lot.



Metalman, we’re going to to miss you my friend. You brought a fun uplifting spirit to our gaming community. I always enjoyed our times gaming and talking hockey. Rest in peace Metalman.

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The news saddened me so much. He was such a super kid. Always funny and loved, LOVED having lunch and beers with his grandma (from his fb posts). I did reach out of his mom, periodically we had chatted in the past when he was in the hospital and she wrote this when I asked what happened, I thought he was making progress:
“He was then he got a infection on his Heart Valve n his body just couldn’t do it anymore n he had Heart failure.”
He really was tough nut for the hand of cards he was dealt in life. Glad that we all had good memories of MM. RIP Sir.



Its weird, how much you can connect to someone who you have never met. MM you are by far one of the best things that happen to AHP. Such a nice guy, and an even better friend to any and all who walked through the virtual pub doors. Cali thanks for the update, because last I heard I had thought he was doing better too. And you are 100% correct, he is one badass guy. love the guy, and I will miss him.

I want to propose a toast to metal and in honor of him, I want to have a Friday night old time source game night. I dont even know if the pub is still up, but if its not, we can take over someone elses server. LETS GAME THIS FRIDAY 10/19 in honor of our fallen mate at 8pm.



I wish I could make that, @bazookabob.
I thought he was getting better too, @Caliente–what a terrible turn. I hope it was quick and maybe he didn’t have time to be scared. I’ll miss him, though I won’t forget he was a SOB sometimes, but we all were/are, which made any friendship we had that much more real.
Let’s not make this a habit, folks. We’re all still too young for this shit.

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I don’t work Friday night so count me in. The pub isn’t around and idk what it would take to get it going for one night but a game of counter strike source, if some of you can reinstall and slum it, would be awesome. The only server I tend to play is SFA now but you have to just accept probable cheaters because…well it’s not AHP server.

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Oh man this just caught me off guard I am …
OMG I can’t Metalman you will be missed Rest in peace.