The Hunter: Call of the wild


Just a few things from the game.
Climbed Mt Leviathan for shits and giggles, weather was crappy for the most part.

And I bagged a moose from over 325 yards. I’m sure other’s have gotten farther shots.

Got an 821 score on a whitetail buck.



Glad to see you’re enjoying the game Puma. :wink:

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The stupid mission to photo 2 bears was BS and I had to get attacked by one while taking pictures to get the mission to complete. Then I went and killed the damn thing with a crossbow.

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This game is officially BS. It is completely engineered to prevent you from actually completing missions, especially these effing stupid Spot or Photograph missions. Damn coyote out in the effing open and it won’t let me spot it from 100 yards. Fallow deer out in the open and 20-25 photos of it 150 yards out and it won’t complete the missions. Attractants don’t work, calls don’t work, you so much as breath in a blind and anything within 500 yards sprints away until they have a mile and 5 mountains between you. Forget tracking anything. The only way I’ve managed to make it to level 15 is from surprise animals and the occasional moose at long range. And this whole business of simple products being more expensive than weapons and you can’t get them till you’re level 25+, effing BS. Bout ready to give the whole damn thing a wash and go back to Fallout 4.




I looked at the trophy thing. After having gotten tired of Fallout 4 and Skyrim and the Assassins Creed games I figured I’d give this one another shot. Sometimes I get fun shots like the 86.5 meter shot on a Blacktail doe, both lungs and the heart with a recurve bow. But then I get the BS shoved down my throat and I want to scream. Just had an elk encounter. Fired 8 shots from my .243, 6 hits, including 2 head shots and the effing thing gets up after each shot and runs. Not only that but they are all considered a “flesh wound” and “low bleed rate”. WTF, you hit ANYTHING in the effing head with a .243 and it’s not getting back up. The idiots who wrote this game clearly don’t know a damn thing about ballistics or hunting. Nor have they ever been in the effing woods or mountains. I mean the wind in the trees sound is louder than being at the bottom of Niagara Falls.

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That’s it. I’m officially done with this POS game. Three times in a row I’ve shot a moose only to have it vanish with zero trace, no blood, no tracks. I’m trying Hope #7 which requires taking 2 animals from one particular hunting stand, but the only animals that show up are 400 meters out, behind trees and teleport in, sprint for a hundred meters then teleport out. This crappy game can go F itself. The final straw was shooting a moose from 30 meters, in the head, from the front with the 600 grain crossbow and having the arrow some how magically fly past it, turn around and hit it in the ass, it runs and there’s no tracks, no blood, nothing. As if the effing moose was never there. I’m done with the crap, it’s getting uninstalled.



lol. oh puma you’re the best.