This is nice, but


Are we sure we want to use one where we are the product? (Discord is like Facebook) There are a number of open source options out there which have updated features…



Edit: Think you might of thought this is discord the cloud company, but this is actually the open source and I am hosting the content (not the shared server). It is one of the newer concepts of forum sites using tags, categories, and a number of other features to tie into other sites. Was thinking I should make the discourse of to something shorter to remember though.

What do you mean by updated features? Was there something specific you were hoping to have as part of the site that these give? Noticed a number of these focus on decentralized or a p2p concept, is that what you were hoping for?

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Actually most are self-hosted and are open source so you know what’s going on. I got the list from



I see, I don’t see much ‘forum’ software on that site. Were you instead thinking of a facebook clone? Sounds like Diaspora, Friendica,, GNUSocial, etc are concepts of sharing people’s post like facebook to everyone’s server. Mainly it is for decentralized server hosting. Is that what you were wanting? I could try setting something like that up, but not sure if it is the correct replacement for a forum site. Can look into it more though. Was looking at diaspora and they actually use the same forum I have setup on their main site.

Also I edited my main post, which not sure if you saw. Wanted to point out that this isn’t discord and instead discourse open source forum locally hosted.



OOOOOOooooooooooh. Yes. The name was so alike I was confused. I thought this was a forum version of Discord.
Ok! I looked through their github and they don’t seem evil. Are we paying for this or is it just installed from there (and self-hosted)?

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And I read your edited post. Now all is clear.

I’m 100% on board. Sorry to ask since you were already the one doing all the work, I’ve just been meaning to try some of those other options myself, and was worried we were selling ourselves like facebook whores.

Should hae known you’d be on it. Thanks Devil :slight_smile:



We are self hosted with the Linode machine and set it up on the server with ts. Teamspeak can also connect with

Looking for feedback so glad you brought up your opinion. If you have ideas of others things that might be interesting with the community let me know and could set it up to experiment. Do agree we should own our data and not host on some other cloud service.

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Well so far it’s pretty easy to use. Have to see how it feels when we have a bunch of posts. Too bad there’s no way to be able to migrate stuff in–shame to lose it.

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Could you just make it the same link as the since we are no longer going to use the old site to make it easier for peeps that have not got the memo or cant read the front page lol



This isn’t going to be the main ahp site. This will be the community discussion forum and then I will have a website at www using the logins people are creating here. The main site will be setup as news items, matches, server info, etc. Mainly need to confirm this forum works before I start on the next larger project of the main website.

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Ahhhhhhh, that makes more sense. I like this forum engine. It’s fast, easy and intuitive.

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Oh ok that awesome man,



Devilman, you are a pro. Skeeve is an old man and barely knows how to internet. Thanks for taking the time to politely correct a misunderstanding.

Also, shit looks and feels good on mobile.



two years later!!!

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Yeah, yeah. So what if I find dead threads attractive? Doesn’t make be narcoleptic.

(Yes, I know. And I’m still right about this site being pretty slick on mobile.)



Are you sure you mean narcoleptic? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, it does work well :slight_smile:



Yes, skeeve, I know. :wink: