We got a Destiny 2 clan/group now


Since Destiny 2 is free for now we have made a clan/group in the game for use. For those who are interested the name is After Hours Pub (-AHP-) please look it up at https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2/MyClans. You will most likely have to create an account for bungie, but you just have to use your battle.net account for it. The more people that join the more perks we get. If you play on console we can still add you if you want to help use.



Anyone in the clan still play? I just got it last month and don’t really have anyone to play with



I still jump on here and there. Going to play it more with the update coming out. And Destiny 2 is leaving Bungie and going to steam September 17 so I will be playing way more of it then.